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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bean Hollow and the Rock Necklace

One afternoon many years ago, my husband, his good friend Len and I went for a ride down California Hwy 1. We made it to Bean Hollow before I needed to stop and stretch my legs and lower back. I had never been to this beach and its composition of pebbles and rocks of a million colors and sizes intrigued me. The long staircase led downward at a relatively sharp angle giving me pause as I considered the upward climb that awaited me at visit's end. Nonetheless the uniqueness of the beach made it worth it.
Staircase from parking area to beach of pebbles and tide pools.

So many  pebbles of every color and size.
Adjacent to the pebbles are tide pools and this incredible rockiness.

Fascinating rocks with many interesting pockets to explore.

Love climbing around on rocky ground-esp near water.

This rock came just like this-complete with hole to string chain thru.


  1. Beautiful. Not talking about the landscape... am writing about you my most favorite person in the whole wide world.
    Love you my sister.

  2. Awwww. I love you too, Cita, for many decades past and hopefully many more to come.

  3. Such a fascinating place this is! I love the pretty picture of you in your rock necklace! xo

  4. Thanks, My dear Paulette, that photo was taken by a dear dear friend with whom I had spent my fiftieth birthday winning a trivia game in a local (south FL) watering hole while on a working vacay. They didn't know it was my birthday and I didn't tell them because I don't drink and hate having a fuss made over me. I adore the photo as well, I love the woman who took it and it shows.