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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A New Purse to Last Forever

For years I strapped a fanny pack to my rump and went, not caring at all how it looked, only that it was hands-free and secure. It didn't slide off my shoulder, get set down in a puddle, laid down and picked up by someone else; it was extremely easy to access the stuff inside and big enough for the needs of a mama.

My daughter is pushing thirty, my husband longs to see my butt once in a while as we walk or hike, and I need to weigh myself down with less, not more.


My last purse purchase-ever.
I met a bit over a year ago. Now, we are all familiar with Goodwill Stores where all kinds of weird stuff and necessary items can be bought relatively inexpensively. Well, what I didn't know, and you may not either, is that they sort their donations very carefully and the finer items are offered in an auction format for the public to purchase. Millions of finer items in every conceivable category. Go !~! Check out what you like the best !~!

The list price for my Mulberry bag is in the 2000 dollar range. I paid one hundred plus shipping for it. Brand New, still in original packaging, same brand that Dennis Rodman bought the wife of the North Korean leader when he visited last year. The workmanship and quality of this purse is unbelievable. I have never seen such amazing leather work, solid brass hardware, and a serial number on a brass tag inside. The bag will last for generations with care and I plan to give it that treatment.

So, if you long for something and wish you could afford it, may I suggest you put on your bookmarks bar and check out the Immense Variety for sale. You may find, as I did, the item of your dreams at a price you can actually justify.


  1. Guess you've never seen a Coach bag? That's the leather bags I collected for a couple of years. I still have 3 of them left.

    Mulberry opened in 1973 (Wikipedia) well after Coach in 1941 (Wikipedia) and I am thinking they borrowed a couple of Coaches ideas. You register the bag with the company and they insure your bag for repairs free of charge for the life of the bag. Never have had to use this service.

    The most expensive one I bought was for $500 back in the 80s. Yikes! Did I really do that? Yup. Love that bag. It's black and large. I use it when I travel as it will hold gobs and gobs of stuff.

    Also all the Coach bags have the tag inside with registration number like your Mulberry. Wrote the company a while ago and asked about my bags using those numbers and they told me they were worth the same or, more than I originally paid.

    So hold on that bag of yours. Maybe one day it will do the same and gain in value.

  2. Coach makes really superb bags too, I agree with you, Cita, yummy. I got started on fanny packs when we all lived offshore and I NEEDED both hands what with Iris and all that jazz... Strap it on and it stayed dry in the dinghy; the fanny pack proved its worth to me over and over for the ensuing three decades. Wonder how many of them I actually bought and used !~!

  3. I remember very clearly your fanny packs. They were huge. But, then again you were carrying around stuff for both you and Iris in them. I loved those bigger bags of yours. I still have a fanny pack... as does Mark. Mark still uses his all the time. Finally smartened up and bought his last one in leather. It's lasted and lasted.......