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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Busy, Anyone ?~!

Wow !~! Nearly a month has passed since I posted that photo of the Keys. So many years spent on or near those waters left indelible marks.

Memories of carrying our fresh water supply in brand new four-gallon gas cans still accompany me some nights when I'm feeling nostalgic and lying awake.

Water whispering against the hull, so unlike any other sound, lulled me to sleep year after year. Rowing each day kept my arms in remarkable shape.

Big birds, herons and egrets, landed on the roof to roost in the breaking dawn. Creaking oarlocks echoed across the still water as early shift workers rowed to shore to begin their days.

Teaching Iris to sail and row, to fish and grow filled the weeks and months and before we realized it she was in school and we needed to relocate.

I still miss experiences of those days but then we all do, don't we ?~! Our early lives when we didn't know how good we had it just seem to fall away and the future arrives while we are not looking. All our kids are over thirty; we've got great-grandkids; how'd it happen !~!

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  1. How good we had it? Damn straight. Living on HB Row was an experience I still think was the best thing that happened to me. Living in and around all that nature. That was absolutely wonderful. Hard living at times but, still a special time and place.