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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Pretty Creations for the Eyes

The need to see what I have created over these last years
has overtaken my good sense !~!
Let's take a gander down memory lane...

In Memory of my Late Father

my Aqua Balloon Throw 

my Daughter's Spoils

Lots of other pieces and a Baby Pic for Fun 

Thanks for taking this journey with me.

Happy New Year

May each step we take Lead to Peace


  1. How beautiful is your work? Absolutely stunning. I love seeing the progression of where you started and where you are now. {{{{L3}}}}

  2. You've got a lovely blog here. I have fixed the link to the trailer of my new film. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Lovely work.. I love how your combine colour. It's so appealing to the eye. And that last pic is just so tender and sweet.

  4. Linda! We always see the love that you have for loved ones! Your father is certainly happy to see this! a beautiful collection of handmade work and lots of love! have a good day! Kisses from Catalonia!

    1. Sorry, Lynda! Lynda! Lynda! not Linda.....

    2. I came by to get a buzz of you. Love these pictures. Your work is outstanding. I love you my sister more than yesterday and forever....