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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Memories of Lifestyles We No Longer Live

In 1992, we lived on a houseboat moored at Houseboat Row off Key West Florida. Our daughter was nearly seven. The day looks sunny and peaceful.

Hurricane Andrew was hellbent for leather and coming straight at us.

A picture taken by the late Dale McDonald shows us tied to the side of the Gale's. I'm squatting on their traveling dock, pulling  myself out to the house. I still wear the pink camisole top and a hat just like that one.

My dinghy is the long dark green one; the Lynda-boat is tied to the side of Lipsnatcher with the Yamaha 10hp tipped up. A couple more dinghies are dangling about in what appears to be a pretty calm tidal situation.

We were lucky, Andrew missed us and our family in Sarasota County at the time. Not so lucky--the Homestead and Everglades areas which sustained incredible amounts of damage. It took more than a decade before the place was back to what resembled normal.

Any memories of big storms you'd like to share with us ?~! Cita ?~!


  1. Ah my friend... you know I do. I love this picture. I didn't realize at first you were in it. I saw the Lyndaboat first! Loved that boat. Remember rowing for Jane in the round the island swim? This brings back so many memories of an age gone past. It was beautiful and the most loveliest of places to live. Though I wasn't as cognizant of it at the time. Wilma in 2005 is the one I remember the most. It's the one that finally chased me out of the Keys forever.

  2. Lynda, I always see so much happiness to your eyes in the moments shared with those you love! I know that you are a woman who gives love to everyone! And too I've seen many times in films wetlands of Florida. These homes have great charm! a big hug from Catalonia and hope you have a nice day!