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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Nurses are the Chosen

Head Nurse: We need our own goddamned poster. Please read this and think about you and your family and what you need when the odds are stacked against thru no fault of your own: accident, illness, sudden change in challenges...

Reading it as I sipped my morning juice made me so sad and so mad. Our Kaiser nurses and PAs here in NorCal are striking for better ratios and ebola training and KP is shipping replacements in from all across the country I heard on last night's news.

Nurses keep us alive and safe 24-hours a day.

Some of my very best friends and sisters of other mothers are nurses or retired nurses. The pay for which you work sux and your responsibilities get more oppressive by the week. No wonder errors happen when the systems are rigged against YOU and certainly not helping us, the patients.

Qui bono ?~! Stockholders... not the people for whom the facilities are built nor those who serve so valiantly every day and night.

My favorite nurse of all time-Phyllis Looby in her intense-look pose. 


  1. I have seen lots of doctors and lots of nurses. I know that a good nurse will risk it all to tell a doctor "you can't do that it will kill him." Meanwhile those "suits" in the slideshow are saying "that nurse can handle more patients each shift. Let's cut staff and up the profits." ARRRGH!

  2. AGH! What a picture!

    I remember when nursing was all about medicine. Not the almighty dollar.

    I remember it being the early 90s when things began to change. And, it was then when nurses were made to shoulder more of patient load. I knew nursing would become dangerous. ICU/CCU nurses took care of only ONE patient then. Go into any ICU/CCU now and those same nurses are taking care of 2 to 3 critical care patients now.