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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Birthday Wheels for Baby Boy

Turning Two is Monumental

For such an auspicious occasion, I thought only new wheels would do. May I present...

Happy Birthday, young Lad. Lynda loves you.


  1. I really like your rug (now that I can really see a good sized piece of it) and the gliding rocker I can just barely see in the upper right hand corner of this picture if, you ever want to get rid of that... I'll take it off your hands. LOL
    Oh and woo hoo on the bike for the Burp!
    Sent the big guy a belated b-day card from care2 yesterday.
    Got to get our sister's card out or, it won't make it for her birthday.
    Lots and lots of birthdays this month that's for sure.
    Love you my wonderful sister of another Mother.