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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November is Birthday Month

Five important birthdays happen this month: Ormond, Karen, Heather, Mark and the Baby Boy we love to call Burp. Anyone else out there want a Happy B-day shout out ?~!

For the youngest lad's second birthday he's getting a quilt. His mama told me this morning that he always takes the one I gave her last year and says, "Lyn-nah made it." He wraps up in it and leaves her sitting with a longing look. It's time he had one of his own !~!

So I took a pile of MY favorite fabrics, beings how he's too young to express a preference of his own he gets to love what I do, and began slicing and dicing !~! I sewed them together in varying ways and plan to sew the flimsy envelope style to a fleece blanket and make it a double sided piece. Hope to have it ready to be quilted by tomorrow. I will likely tie it.

What do you think of the variety of fabrics? I love them all !~! Hopefully he will too.


  1. Hey you forgot Heather and Mark's birthdays are also this month!

  2. Got it, thanks for the head's up. Getting old and forgetting isn't as much fun as I thought it ought to be.

  3. what a great idea - sewing envelope style to the fleece blanket. I may use that idea. I have an inexpensive fleece throw that would be perfect for a young one or even a teen.

  4. I'm sure the little man will love the quilt.

  5. Many congratulations to all those people and families who celebrate their birthdays this month! the blanket will certainly be beautiful! I thank you immensely for your beautiful words of my little country's Independence. It's a long road. But the truth is that yesterday more than two million people peacefully to say they want to vote. There is no democracy denying the right to vote. I am happy to see that people like you know what is happening in my country. Thank you Lynda. A big embrace from Catalonia!

  6. I think he's going to love it! We've got quite a few birthdays the first part of November too.