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Monday, July 14, 2014

Passing the Culture Onward

He may look young and it's true; he also wants to know how everything works, why it works the way it does and can he take it apart. He watches everything we do and copies it correctly most of the time. He helped me sew today-wanted to be on my lap and pushing the foot pedal at the same time. Not gonna happen this week-he's too short but he doesn't understand that part of the discussion.

Wyatt watches intently as the needle rises and falls too fast for him to follow.

Keeping his hands firmly on the desk and away from the flashing needle,
he never takes his eyes off the machine.


  1. How sweet to see something with fresh perspective through the eyes of little Wyatt!

  2. It looks as though you have initiated him into the quilting cult. He's so intent, he doesn't even notice his picture is being taken.

  3. I like the fingers firmly placed on the desk... so cute. So intent he is.

  4. Looking back a these pictures of Burp, I remember how our bodies fit together so perfectly and he felt so at home with us. He turns four tomorrow and the missing sears today.