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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Group Skype Call

One of the hardest things around moving to California was leaving behind my soulmate who lived a few hours away in south Florida. Phyllis, 'sister of another mother', had recently left the area as well and made her way up the East Coast settling eventually in Eastern Canada. Years passed; packages of love gifts made their way across country-back and forth; phone calls tried to take into account the time differences but we were still longing to see one another.

Enter Skype: the computer program that allows one to communicate with video all around the world. I originally saw Skype years ago at work nannying for a family with relatives overseas. The father was an early adopter and had Skype a decade or more ago so used it regularly with his family; one day I was there during a call and so was introduced via the computer screen.

Many years passed; the technology became very easy to use. My sister in Canada fought a huge health battle a couple summers ago and we spent time nearly every day on Skype. One day I completed an obligation that needed my full attention for about thirty minutes despite a two-year old with me. She was kept entertained and out of harm's way by Skyping with Phyllis in the same room as I was working. It was an amazing experience.

Today begins a weekly planned Skype call for Karen and Phyllis and me: extreme south Florida, eastern Canada and northern California, to be together without flying our old, ill, tired, broke selves cross-country enriching the airline stockholders while wearing ourselves into grinding poverty.

I am atop the moon about this plan. I don't wanna fly over all those red states again !~!

from the top: Lynda, Phyllis, Karen * June 2005
We're squinting in the Key West sun and we couldn't love each other more.
This was the last time we were together. It's been nearly ten years.
I miss them dreadfully and count on Skype
to help assuage these feelings of longing and melancholia.


  1. It was so damned good seeing you and talking to you today. I love Skype. Technology is just freakin' amazing. And, had it not been for you and Karen the year of my cancer battle.... I would have been lost. I cried, I laughed, I told you of my fears and woes and you two were there for me. Hanging tuff with me. My loving sistas from different mothers.

  2. I just reread this blog post of yours and my comment. Man this brings tears to my eyes. You and Karen were my safety net that year of the cancer scare and then treatment. You two held me up when I could not do it myself. I thank you and Karen with all my heart for being there for me. I love the two of you very, very much.