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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

May we appreciate what we have, stay out of the stores, enjoy our family and friends,
eat in reasonable portions and share our love.

Who appreciates an undisturbed post-prandial nap ?~!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Lynda. May you be as chilled out as your pussycat and enjoy your day.

  2. How is Cat-cat? Wondering here after our phone conversation.
    Love you as always!

  3. Still here, slowly ever so slowly entropy will win. It may take who knows how long and it's sad yet she's calm and staying either in the bedroom on the shelf behind the door or on my heated side of the bed. At night she goes into the bathroom and sleeps on that rug. I suppose that she can still jump onto the bed is a good sign but I am not sure of what. She refuses to eat and barely sips at her water once or twice a day. Thin and yet still breathing normally and walking to litter box once a day too. Allowing us to pet her gently and then going back to wherever she wants to be at that particular moment. I'm really glad the house is tiny and she doesn't have far to go to get anywhere. We've decided to plant a tiger lily in her memory in the yard. Tears are right at the surface and come unbidden quite frequently; it's been eleven years since she adopted us when we moved into this place and I will miss her a lot. She hasn't spoken in a while, it just occurred to me... Hmm, wonder if I'll hear her talk to me once again; she has a mighty voice-Piper renamed her "Miaow-Miaow" while she was here learning to talk herself.

    So the vigil continues. Thank you for asking and keeping a good thought for her. I just want it to be peaceful and pain-free as possible. Which I have no Idea about at all, not being a cat keeper prior to CatCat joining the family.