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Monday, November 18, 2013

Autumn Arrived Over the Weekend

Cooled Off and Got Windy

Perhaps a weather report is not why you dropped by LyndaLand today but here in the land of "no weather" it is noticeable when it changes. The leaves are dropping in full force, the clouds cover the sky altho rain has yet to fall and the time switch sealed the fate of evening outings for a few months.

This marks the last autumn for our trio of decorative pear trees; fire blight has hit them and after two attempts to halt its spread, the remaining option is to remove the infected trio and hope that stops its spread thruout the courtyard. These three were among the first planted on our absolutely bare lot when we moved in Dec 2002. The place had been left unplanted for ease of care by the elderly man who lived here and for more than two decades, this corner lot in Atchison Village had sat barren. 

We began with a queen palm, moving from three decades in Florida seemed reason enough; in our home there we had planted a trio across the front of the lot and watched them stretch taller than the telephone pole in just under six years. We wanted a queen palm here too to mark time.

Queen palm started at just under three feet tall; she's done well in twelve years.

The blight can be seen here right of center-it's bright red.

All three trunks are visible. Wonder what will take their place ?~!

Time passes, trees live their lifespan or it may be cut short due to disease. Sounds familiar when humanized too. Lots of loss due to disease that one wouldn't expect has given me an appreciation for what's Here Now. Trying to stay in the Present by living and loving that which is still within my reach.

Will it Ever Get Easier?

We said Good-bye to the Pug we walked everyday at noontime for the last eight months. Old age took her at fourteen; she had had an excellent life with two devoted humans in sequence. She never lacked for love, affection, dinner, fresh strawberries and tomatoes, or a soft bed in which to snore her nights away. May her pains be gone as she ends her earthly visit and may the tomatoes be year-round ripe where the next plane of her existence takes her.


  1. Fall has arrived. Shit howdy... it's winter where I live. Minus 10 tonight predicted.

  2. Sorry about your four legged friend. Animals become such an important part of our lives, it's hard to see then go even if they don't belong to us.

  3. Hi Sweetie! I'm so sorry about your beautiful trees and your little pug friend. He was a cutie. So sad.... Your yard is pretty Lynda. There are no palm trees of any kind here on Long Island. They're really lovely. Sending hugs to you my friend. xo