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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween - Many Kids, Lots of Dark Clothing...

Terrific fun for us too as the neighborhood fills with Latino families and their delightfully attired brood of youngsters. Some nearly too old and yet wanting "their" part of that free chocolatey haul, littler ones so small they have to be helped up and down our two steps, still others in their strollers trying to stay awake and say Trick or Treat. My heart warmed to witness a three-y/o young lad who, without even thinking about it, took his 18 month old sister's elbow as they descended the steps. She accepted the help graciously without pause and he assisted her so naturally I could just tell he'd been doing it for her since she began to walk. Love, respect, caring; I cried a bit for the old days... 

This year we asked them "Salty or Sweet?"  The choice between a small candy bar or a small bag of chips or pretzel. Mighty funny to watch them interrupt their established routine of speak-get candy-mumble thanks-walk away with a startled, "What?" Then I squat down to their level and ask them individually which they'd prefer. A pleasant change for us all 
from the usual grab and go routine of previous years' interactions.


  1. Lots of Cute costumes. In 12 years, we have never had a single trick-or-treater at our house. We are just too far out. It's actually okay by me.

  2. How cute they all are Lynda! Halloween is such fun! xo