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Friday, October 23, 2015

Birthday Girl Loves Her New Quilt

It was during the London Olympics that I did my first Disappearing Four Patch quilt AND hand quilted it.

Scout joined our little band of happy Kids several years ago when she was still in dipes and napping every day. Now she's five, in Kinder and outta Pampers !~! Her plate-licking days may not be over, tho !~!

She builds Tall Towers with Lego, Duplo and blocks, rides trikes with a vengeance, and snuggles in for a nap with the nearest homemade quilt.

There is no resisting that grin, is there ?~!

Disappearing Four Patch--cool method of using simple squares and making them much more interesting.

One idea during the audition of sashing fabrics.

Ormond inspects.

After a few years of the blanket kicking around the house, Scout asked for it for her birthday, "I just love those colors, Lynda." Unable to resist, it has gone to be with Scout, her family and her pets. According to her mama it is her current favorite !~! A higher compliment cannot be asked for--so happy.


  1. Love those colour combinations. Absolutely eye catching and beautiful. Lucky Scout! Where's mine? Kidding of course.

  2. Watch your mail, Sister-of-mine, you never know what may show up in Box 5-1 sent from the rolling hills of cannabis country: pillow, homemade candy, quiltains for your computer room! Hard to say what urge will strike me and later find you !~!

    As always when I put a box into the mail, I will let you know. I have all three of those kinds of fabric left. Our ther sis sent me the yellow and orange plaids-yards of them !~! No idea what she had planned for them but you and I are the lucky recipients of the bounty. No mutinies, please, Fletcher Christian.

  3. She happily with her beautiful quilt!
    The bright colors and cheerful!