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Monday, October 5, 2015

A Finish and a Sale !~!

Remember this ?~!

I finished it and it's really cute.

And it sold !~!

The front of the pillow I sold to a dear friend.
I believe it's a Holiday gift so I'm not saying who bought it !~!

The back of the pillow is a gorgeous antique ecru linen.
Linking up with Richard and Tanya's LAFF #189.


  1. Woohoo... is that ever beautiful.
    In our lives there must be beauty.
    You create that with your skills at quilting.
    I wish I were as talented.
    Love you... big hugs from afar.

  2. Thinking maybe I should have put piping around or sewn a line a half inch in from the edge to give it more definition. My pillows usually sit on the couch for a few weeks telling me if they need anything more done to them. This one is at my friend's house and is still talking to me from afar !~!