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Friday, August 8, 2014

Bread Crusts Make the Best Snacks

Surrounded by homemade love and warmth, he grows steadily.


  1. I agree with Wyatt. I loved the heels of the bread when I was a kid, I still do. My daughter's thesis adviser is quite a story teller. He told her about a class trip he took more than 60 years ago when he was in elementary school. They went to the Levy's rye bread factory in Brooklyn. The bread they sold was sliced and they cut a slim heel slice which was not packed with the loaf. The children were offered the heel slices as a snack at the end of the tour. He packed his pockets full of the heels because they were his favorite part. Definitely, a man after my own heart. Hope all is well in sunny California.

  2. I see lots of wrists and now ankles. Things are getting smaller as the lil guy grows bigger.
    Good pic of him. Wish though he had been smiling. :)