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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Month Slid By...

I have some pictures to share !~!

Piper (L) and Ginger model blanket fashions
and discuss strategy for their next imagination-rich game.

Sequoia twigs held with white linen thread decorated with cotton yarns
brought to me from Holland with Erica, my sister of another mother.

Nearly there with a four-block by four-block 'Diamonds in Corners' knock-off.

Working out a corner diamond. 

My newest cowl in progress using the August mailing of hand-dyed merino wool
from Chandi at Expressions Fiber Arts.

Yummy, what was it? he seems to ask when we feed him from our plates.

Here are two of his current crop of six teeth. The other four are on top.

Savasana at the end of a three-hour run of continuous activity.

Head to toe, bone to skin, my beloved yogi, Ronnie Dubinsky,
 used to say as we rested, feeling every cell buzz.

Wyatt grows so fast and gains new skills each week: cruising while holding the furniture or my pant leg, drinking from a water bottle and a cup, climbing down the doorstep and off the couch without clonking his head nearly as much as a few weeks ago. He uses his budding language skills to get what he needs even tho understandable words are still a bit in the offing. He can crawl nearly as fast as I can walk comfortably which makes evading him harder and harder-not that I resist his pleas, please, to be picked up and loved on. He grabs my face and comes at me with his drooly mouth wide open looking for Kisses; is there anything sweeter in the world than a baby's freely given kiss ?~!

I think not too.
Happiest Autumn and October.

May each step we take lead the way to Peace.


  1. The three dimensional twig sculpture is wonderful. The yarn colors are beautiful. Wyatt looks adorable with his 2 teeth sparkling like headlights. The log cabin quilt is looking good. You'll be lucky if your two imaginative friends don't hijack it to use as part of their play.

  2. Lynda, that quilt is sooo pretty! I love it, and your cowl will be gorgeous when it's done. That yarn is beautiful. Those little ones are truly the luckiest kids to have you in their lives. The love you have for them shows in all your all your posts. They are as blessed as they are adorable! xo

  3. Is there anything sweeter than seeing a little wrapped up in a quilt?

  4. Sweet quilts, sweet kids, sweet kids wrapped in sweet quilts. Does it get any better? I agree with Stephanie!