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Friday, October 25, 2013

Sweetness that Makes One Weep with Joy

Daughters Do the Most Delightful Things

I read thousands of words a day when I can; I'd rather read than eat or sleep. Blogs are my fodder and I have followed Jen's stories of her four kids for several years-maybe three or four even... Henry's getting bigger alla time !~!

So are the triplets and recently one of them made her mom the happiest woman alive. I had to share with you, my readers, because these gestures, made by kids for the ones they love, send my heart soaring. My faith in the goodness of people restores itself. Do enjoy it for yourself.   

Teeth are Sooo Cute... and Sharp

Oh my, counting teeth could become a seasonal pastime here in LyndaLand.

The Girls Come Visit Once in a While and Fun's on the Menu

 As is macaroni and cheese !~! They love to eat and mac and cheese sells to every kid I have ever cooked for. I don't have pictures of us preparing the feast however we ate it off the picnic ware and sat on the floor as we do and it was lovely for all of us to be together again.

Linen Bowl Holds Embroidery Thread

I put together this linen bowl/open box one afternoon when I wound up with a strip of grey linen that cried out to be folded into an open-topped box. I trimmed it with pink embroidery thread and toss into it the current crop of colors of that same thread for whatever project I have going.

May have to stiffen it somehow as I see it sagging in the photo. What does one use for such an application, I wonder, without losing the lusciousness of the linen ?~! Hmmm, suggestions, sweet readers who have made similar items...

Happy Autumn, may each step we take lead the way to Peace.


  1. :D

    Loved the link re the pj pant post!

    Such cutie pie photos of the little ones in your life.

    1. Thanks for coming by, Kimmie, I appreciate your every comment and that you take time to read my little offering. The Littles are what makes my world spin the correct direction. Sincerely by Sunday mid-morning, I am missing him; am I crazy ?~! she asks quietly.

  2. No you are not crazy we have similar hearts :)