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Friday, March 15, 2013

Sleeping Under Diamonds Tonight !~!

The Finish

     Diamonds in the Corners awaits my going to bed; she is completed and I am so excited !~!
     I finished tying this afternoon and by the evening's colorful sunset I had begun the process of "binding" those edges. The batting, two fleece blankets sewn together, barely reached the edges of the flimsy and the flannel sheet that I backed it with had lots of extra. So I turned under both the flimsy and the backing and whipstitched them together completely around the edges. I love it.

The whip-stitching edging.
Quickly efficiently binding the raw edges.

I tried it out for size on the bed and it's perfect. It measures 65 inches square and I sleep curled into a ball so it's just the right size for me at night and small enough to bring into the living room when I want it out here.
Sewing the last several inches of the edging.
Pillows peeking from behind me.
My goal for Feb was to complete it by month's end. Well, it's Pi day and that's as good a day as any to finish this quilt for which I have yearned since I started it. My first design all by myself and totally sewing it all here at home.
A Diamond

I'm enthralled with the scrappy look.

Perfect fit.

Orange-most block.

Can I go to bed yet ?~!
The white at the edges will work its way toward the back as I play with it.
What do you think ?

A Diamond for which she is named.

Edging-all the way around by hand.
Took less than two hours this evening.
I'm very pleased with it.

Tying close-up.

One of my favorite blocks in this piece.

A Diamond in the Corner !~!

I'm ready to call it a night. I've tossed her into the dryer to pull off the loose threads and fuzzy bits. Stretched her out across the beds and taken three many pictures of her. Now it is time to crawl 'neath her flannel side and smile until the sandman overtakes me.

Good night.


  1. What a beautiful quilt!. I really love the hand edging and the bright colors. When I was little I had a crazy quilt made by one of my grandmother's and when I went to sleep I used to make up stories for each of the different fabrics. I don't know why but your quilt reminded me of that memory--I am sure it will bring many years of good dreams.

  2. Beautiful Lynda. You can be very proud of what you've accomplished. Sleep well.

  3. It really looks cozy. I like the way you hand finished the edges.

  4. It's so scrappy and cozy looking. I love how you finished the edges!

  5. It makes me smile to see the joy you get out of everyone of your beautiful quilts. I can't wait to see them in person next June and hope that you will let me pick out the fabric and make me one while I am staying with you.

  6. Your quilt is wonderful...and it must be very cuddly with flannel and fleece. Love those edges, too!

  7. That is such a scrap happy quilt! Love the colors, fun-ness and a big congratulations on you finish.

  8. My grandmother used to make those out of material scraps. Before she died she made one for each of us grand kids. It was a great remembrance for her to leave behind. Thanks for posting!

  9. Many thanks to all of you for reading and commenting; sleeping under Diamonds delights me every night. She feels so wonderful next to my face; she's warm and snuggly, just the right size. Washes and dries easily and gets softer every day it seems.