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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Craft It Forward

A New Idea

What a delightful surprise awaited me when I returned from PT yesterday. A box from Sewlandia's creative engineer Jenn. I originally was drawn to Jenn's blog because I saw a quilt she had entered into a competition and was so intrigued that I went looking for the blog itself to learn more about this inventor-like individual.

Finding, a truly fun blog with pretty design, excellent photos and Jenn's personality all over it was a joy. She's taking a bit of a break, but she'll be back and you can follow the link on her blog to see what she's doing now.


Jenn posted about a new (to me) idea called Craft it Forward. I responded and after a bit came this lovely gift. Pincushions have become my best friends since I sew in a few different locations in my home and the bright and cheerful one that Jenn made is just wonderful. Its solid cup base boasts a gold decorative stripe encircling and a bright orange cloth cover for poking. I have it right here on my desk and already am using it as I tie my current quilt: Diamonds in the Corners. Sawdust makes a great filler, Jenn, I never knew that. Thanks for teaching me something new and useful--my favorite kind of interaction.

Love the fabric Jenn chose for top of Pincushion.

Pretty decorative stripe encircles the delicate cup
with its classic handle.

The other items in the gift box from Jenn delighted me !~! They are fine quality white blank cards with mini quilts sewn to the front of them. I can't wait to write a note to my quilty friend in Portland with them. (I'm looking toward Barbara and Smitty here!) The workmanship shines brightly; the colors shimmer and the skill level high. I managed a greeting card store for a few years and so this gift of cards charmed and tickled me. I will use them well and the recipients will all be appreciative I am sure.

Many, many thanks, Jenn, for this wonderful box of Craft it Forward.

My Turn to Share With Some of You

Now I want to craft and create and share what I do. The first five people, USA only this time please, to express interest in the comments will receive a unique, colorful, hand-crafted item from me during the month of June. Likely the latter part... I know that's a while away but if you read a few of my most recent posts, you'll understand why I need ample time to meet this goal. Wyatt is three months old and I spend nine hours a day holding him. Wouldn't you, if you could...

Look at his teeny little hand; 
 try not to nibble his ear.
Ring sling snuggles my bunny.
The only commitment is that once you receive your CiF, you'll blog about it and then offer the same deal to five people. I am already thinking about what I will make for you lucky players.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope to hear from some of you. Our weather is to hit the  seventies this week-perhaps Spring arrives with Daylight Savings Time.

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