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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sleep Cures and Projects Delight

 In my early days of sobriety nearly thirty years ago I slept a lot; for a two reasons: to allow my body time to repair the damage I had inflicted on it for the previous eight years while drinking and to avoid the hours of the day or night during which it was hard to say no. Sleep as an escape is time-honored and truly permissible. For some, it's the only way we can get thru.

Now as a chronic pain patient, I use sleep similarly: to heal and to avoid the worst of the discomfort when the weather turns or the meds just aren't getting it all. Rest provides respite, quiet time, and horizontality which allows fluids to circulate efficiently to the top part of my body and not settle in my legs and feet.

I have spent a lot of time in bed since the first of the year. Resting, recuperating, regaining strength.

Now I am up and ready for some action:

I am tying Diamonds in the Corners.
I plan to sleep with this quilt when I am finished tying and binding it.
Shooting for month's end. Keep your fingers crossed for me !~!

Machine quilting Squares & Stripes:
The backing for this one is a beautiful piece of woven plaid wool.
It's bluish-green, soft and warm at the same time.
I feel better with projects in the pipeline.

What are you doing this month? Valentine's special pieces? Springtime pastel bunnies for upcoming basket-filling?

Thank you for dropping by; it's always good to see you.