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Monday, February 11, 2013

A New Chapter Begins...


Today began my full-time work with a baby boy who was born the end of November and still has some trouble controlling his head. There is nothing in the world I like more than a baby. This one smiled at me a dozen times today. He'll be with us four or five days a week until school lets out for the summer. I couldn't be happier.

Wearing a bald spot under all my kisses.

The four-hour shakedown cruise last Wednesday went so well that today seemed simple with the young lad. He's easily comforted and very cute.

Nibble nibble while he sleeps, his tiny hand grasps my finger,
my heart melts into his eyes. I love babies. All of them.


  1. So he finally got some sleep?
    How are you holding up?

  2. Each day gets better as he gets to know me and i him. We're responding to each other more effectively as the week passes. He smiles and coos and actually will do a vocal exchange with me which is hugely rewarding to the care provider.

    Ormond loves holding him and feeding him too so it's a Win-Win for me, OO and the Baby Wyatt. And his parents are very happy. Mom made me the sweetest Valentine card from the little guy with a huge pic of him on the front and a sincere thanks on the back-very precious and of course looks Just. Like. Him. All ten pounds of him.

  3. Lynda, you've become no-reply. I haven't been able to respond to the comments you've left on my blog.

    1. Google and Blogger played and reset my desires. Thanks to the tute you sent me I have repaired the setting. You're the best, Barbara.