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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Square Dancing - Amazingly Fun

I live in Atchison Village, a development that was built for ship builders during WWII, and I love it here. We are 450 units and all on 19 acres with a playground and a huge field where soccer guys play and geese feed. Our Hall provides a venue for all kinds of events. December first saw a square dance like no other. The lighting and decorations were superb, the potluck delightful and tasty, and the band Squared us until we could Dance no more.

Dan Lockshon gathered a group of delightful musicians who regaled us with dancing music
All night lo-ong. All night... all night... All night lo-ong.

At one point we were all in a big circle and Caller grabbed a hand 
and led us into the neatest spiral and then back out of it.

Even babies can dance. Lin Le holds her year-old son, Chester,
while Laurel Spahr partners up for some fancy dancing. 

Circle right, then reverse. Lots of laughs as we tried to tell our right from our left !~!
Times Eight.

Do-Si-Do with my husband, Ormond.

Allemand Left with my Reel partner, 
Victoria Sawicki.
Circling, grinning, clapping, 
and holding hands.

All on a full stomach !~!

Virginia Reel gave everyone a chance to show 
off their skill set. We had a blast-all of us.
Thank you, Dan Lockshon, for arranging this event. Thanks to the committee who decorated our hall so beautifully. Thanks to all who cleaned up the place after the dancing was over.

I  hope we can do it several times a year. The band and the caller were great. Everyone who was there had the time of their life.



  1. Oh I LOVE square dancing, folk dancing...any kind of dancing. Wish I could talk my hubby into it. He's a stick in the mud that way.

  2. Ah! Square Dancing is great that way. It starts out sneakily with simple commands, repeated a few times until everyone feels like they've accomplished something, then another is added with increased success, and more and more until you're arming and handing and spinning in a dizzying whirl of bodies that magically turn back into a square of four couples.

    It's a great way for people to actually INTERACT physically and become better friends and members of our community. And there's always a place for another, and another. Try it!

  3. Interesting.... a post from OO! He be reading your blog. LOL!

    Great post and looks like y'all had a good time.

  4. Great pictures Lynda, I must admit I was a little worried when you said you were going Square Dancing, I wanted you to have fun but didn't want you to hurt yourself. I'm glad all went well and you had a great time,I am worse than an ol' Mother Hen!