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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cowly Scarf pattern

 The pattern for Cowly Scarf

Cowly Scarf uses two KPPPM Multi-colored 50 gram hanks of fingerling weight merino wool.  They come in the most beautiful color palettes I have seen in ages.

Roll VERY LOOSELY so as to retain the elasticity into two balls.
Use F/5 3.75 mm hook. 
Start with first of two balls. 
Begin with foundation chain of four. Ch 1, turn
Row 1 SC in each ch (4) Ch 1, turn
Row 2 SC in 1st SC, 2 SC in second SC, SC across, Ch 1, turn (5)
Row 3 SC in each SC (5) Ch 1, turn
Row 4 repeat Row 2 increasing 1 SC in 2nd SC each time
Row 5 repeat row 3
and so on….

When ball runs out-reverse the process, making the scarf one stitch smaller every second row. Be sure to do the decreases in the Second Stitch in from the edge.
Maintain the straight edge; all decreases should be done on the same side the increases were. This will generate the V-shape that creates the piece's distinctive look I was searching for when I crafted the pattern.
Crochet along the V-shaped edge (the edge that curls) with SC edging. 
Block to eliminate the rolling edge. 

I am using a stainless keyring to hold the ends together in the front; it's been well-smoothed over the years so there's no danger of snagging. Wood might be prettier.

Working my way thru the rows increasing until the first ball is used and then use the second ball decreasing every other row, all on the same edge.

You can see the edging here; a simple single crochet
along the increase/decrease edge.
Here Cowly lays pinned to a towel and sprayed with clear water until damp.
Leave to dry completely.

Finished and warm yet not
the slightest bit hot.

Same pattern in another colorway of KPPPM.

Please enjoy this pattern and if you find any errors or anything that is weird or wrong or awkward, please make comments or email me and we'll figure it out together. This is my first published pattern.

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