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Monday, January 2, 2017

Crocheting a New Blanket for CatCat 2.0

First time I have used fuzzy, thick blanket yarn, I am falling in love with how quickly it works up and its softness.

Bernat brand, variegated browns with an olive green accent it is so much the color of the cat that I couldn't do anything with it but make her a blanket for the Pooh couch which she shares with the Littles.

At present she is asleep on the table here in the living room window; I prefer she not get atop the tables but since her couch is being manipulated by me every few hours as I check blanket's size, I guess she can get away with this behavior for now.

Last evening just before sundown I began to crochet.

Here it is completed covering the small couch she likes:

Will she use the new bedding or continue to sleep elsewhere !~!


  1. If she likes the small couch, then maybe she will use the blanket. If not, you may need to repurpose the blanket and let her have the couch as it was before.
    I love the look of that yarn.

  2. The blanket looks very snugly. I don't know how she could resist it. I am amazed that you have so many new little people to take care of this year. We are taking care of our 5 month old grandson and I am wiped out by 8:30