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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Lynda Loves a Baby !~!

Into my life since returning from my cross-country drive mid-June have come not one, two, or even three babies. Amazingly, five little individuals between the ages of five and seven months take up my weekdays and keep me enthralled and cheerfully wiped out by day's end. Two little lads and a trio of lassies-such an honor to be entrusted with them.

Thank you, families of woobers, 
I sincerely promise to do right 
by every one of them each time they are with me.

Giggles and slobber and gummy grins are moment-to-moment events in this intimate, cozy world.

Grip strength and accuracy improve as demonstrated by scratch marks and the fistfuls of my hair I disentangle from their flailing, grabby small paws.

Learning to sit uses brain power and the core muscles on which we have worked daily for months.

Passing objects from hand to hand with wonder-filled eyes--theirs and mine--confirms synapses are forming rapidly and correctly.

Eating those amazing foods which grace their family dinner table brings all their caregivers incredible diaper surprises.

I could not be happier.

Have a safe and peaceful December.

As always, thanks for spending a few minutes.


  1. There is nothing more magical than watching a baby develop- or for that matter just holding a baby.

    1. Truly there is no greater feeling than being the one to whom they look for reassurance a hundred times a day.

  2. There is nothing more beautiful in the world that the little creatures! I always cry when I have one in arms! always a tear escapes down my cheeks ... is beautiful ... the miracle of life continues year after year ... I wish you happiness continues for a long time in your life... enjoys every moment together!