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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wish I had Seen This in Real Life

Conspicuous Consumption

Who needs a 2.4 million dollar car ?


  1. Has this car been painted on? It looks like someone painted on a penis on the hood. Now that is funny since it's such an "expensive" car. Or, a penis mobile as the case were. LOL

  2. You got it Cita, someone painted a penis on the berry berry expensive car. Only a person with serious issues needs to buy a car like this.

  3. Hi, Lynda!
    You ask me in my blog the stitch of my new blanket. Well, is similar of blanket Lucy! she is a great crocheter and one of my inspiration blogs! here the link!

    LOL this car! ups.......

  4. Well that's a nasty spot for graffiti.