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Friday, August 21, 2015

Gifts for Friends

When a gift is needed and a quilt too much, I put together potholders for those who cook-which is most of our friends. Personalizing them is half the fun, or more !~!

I made two this week for two different men, both of whom are special to me.


Sander is a cook and the best dad I know. His mom became my friend many years ago when she was visiting from The Netherlands the summer Piper was born-2008. She and I have remained close and when she wanted a piece made out of one of Sander's favorite t-shirts, I was the artist she contacted. So I took the piece of t-shirt, backed it with Insul-Brite, then added a log cabin square with a personalization on the light blue log.

He will love it I am sure.


Next piece is for Chris, in Florida, who loves my niece, Heather. He, too, is a cook as well as a retired Paramedic/Firefighter, so when I came upon a pair of pj bottoms for a baby in the motif of the local fire department, I couldn't resist. Wedding gift? I've got it !~!

So that's what I have been doing this past week since I returned from my trip to see my sister.

What have you been up to?


  1. I love these! Gifts from the heart - nothing better :D

  2. So "not square" and yet so homemade !~!

    You've got it tho, Kimmie, from my heart they came.

  3. I love making quick gifts like this. They are usually loved and used.

  4. Your heart is as big and wide as the sky! LOL But, really... these are wonderful. You are such a damn fine person with lots and lots of love to spare. I love you my sister so far away. Smoochie to you and big hugs too.