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Monday, July 13, 2015

Sunflower Joy !~!

Taller than we are now...

Shading CAtCAt in her kingdom; all the bugs are hers !~!

Sunburst-like in its beauty.

Multiple heads on some will be so fun when they're all abloom at once.

The brown ones are magnificent in their uniquity.

As the annuals go to seed, St Francis continues to provide water for the animals.


  1. The sunflower plants are amazing. Is your part of California suffering from the drought as much as other areas?

  2. Indeed we are. We use washing machine run-off and greywater from the sinks to water the annuals and the trees which I am loathe to allow to die after all the years of work and effort we have invested in the lot. I've let the cosmos, pansies and the purple ones go to seed. The pansies are still doing ok despite the dryness; perhaps they will reseed themselves...

  3. They look lovely. As does OO. LOL
    We have wild ones that grow from the seed that falls from the bird feeders. Which is a nice surprise. Plus, we plant them to bring the bees to our property. The were my wedding bouquet when Markus and I re-tied the knot.