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Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Sunflowers are Nearly My Height

Hard to believe that anything can grow this fast. These sunflowers are gaining height, stem diameter and loads of foliage. A few of them have reached the point where they are setting flowers; the shorter breeds will  likely have blooms before the ten-footers appear.

Photos taken May 6th:

Later in May-21st or so...
Standing next to the row. 

 CatCat (brown with white tail tip!) and Gatito (black and white) prowl
the growing sunflowers 5-21-2015.

Poppies, calendula and weeds are coming up between the big plants.

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  1. You know that the sunflowers be very large, Lynda! I apologize because my computer broke down and I have spent many days without computer and disconnected of world of crochet. My parents are sick and I'm sad and immersed in creative crisis .... but thank you for your visit and your sweet and kind comments, my friend! you have a big family and I see that you are happy with small children! enjoy all this! a big hug, Lynda!