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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Wrap up

Projects Completed

A number of sewing projects have been hanging fire-this month was finish some of them off without starting new ones. How'd that go?

Well, let's start with two wide lengths of a soft, pastel, spring bedding for me now that Diamonds is too warm.

Both needed hemming on the two non-selvage ends.

So that went well and wasn't nearly as complex as I anticipated. I didn't try the iron, being unsure exactly what the fabric is, so I turned it under twice, pinned and went for broke on the machine. It worked out fine.

❧   ❧  ❧

Then there were a couple pieces that I had "finished" and yet had never tied. So I dug those out from under the Baby and did just that. Tied and finished two more of my favorites. No, three... 

Hello memory, come home for lunch sometime ok !~!

So it was Denim & Batik, Holland/Myra, and Components that got their final touches in the last week. All tied with purple cotton I have used for all tying projects so far. What will I do when my only spool runs dry ?~!

Denim & Batik


Components Throw
All three tied and knotted with my ubiquitous purple cotton thread.

❧   ❧  ❧

~ Not Finished Yet ~

Mountain Steps hung in my living room window for some months until I got it batted and backed. Now it's binding time. My girlfriend, PLM, found a treasure of old bindings in a thrift store and gifted me a fistful of packages. 

Among them is the Navy I use here.

Not a perfect match for the border fabric but hey,
 I'm all about mismatched and making do with what's available.

❧   ❧  ❧

Linking up to Barbara at Cat Patches FO party for April is this little gem I whipped together for Ginger.
Readers of my blog have met her-she'll be four in August and this is a gift for her for her doll blanket collection. She is one of the most together three-year-olds I have ever met. She asks me for some of my work each time she comes over to be babysat-never too shy to ask for a piece she sees that appeals. I have so much respect for her ability to ask for what she wants.
Doll Quilt for her birthday coming up Aug 26th.

And the gratuitous Burp shot. He's telling a mighty story here.


  1. PLM? I am thinking that is Patrica.
    We are almost related I am thinking with my initials being: PML
    Weird, eh?

    1. It is weird and cosmic and destined and I love it. I know that we are all related on the most basic levels. Last time I was asked "what's your race?" i answered Human. And meant it when she asked me to clarify.

  2. I like the pastel plaid. I can't believe you managed to tie 3 quilts in one month. All those knots would intimidate even the Girl Scout in me. I have multiple packs of the pre-made binding sitting around, but have never tried them. It sounds like a good idea.
    The little guy has such expressive eyes.

    1. He's growing in leaps and bounds; gets his bottle into his mouth about two-thirds of the time and it's fun when he misses. I just love having him to hold all day altho soon enough he's going to want to be crawling hither and yon, isn't he?

      The tying is soothing and physically & psychically easy for me. Easier than the sewing machine actually. The binding, being bias, wants to wrinkle-I'm not liking it as much as I had hoped to. Bummer; may have to redo it with another idea.... we'll see how I feel after it's done and I have sat on it for a week or two.

  3. Cute stuff, Lynda. Oh yes, and I like your projects too!