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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lap Loom Generates Hours of Pleasure...

... and a Lot of Wall Hangings !~!

The small twelve by sixteen inch Lap Loom that I ordered when I began this weaving adventure has given me hours of pleasure and a bunch of cute little wall hangings in bright colors and various textures. I have used yarn, roving that I dyed with food coloring, fabric strips from my sewing supplies, and redwood twigs to create the little gems. I decided that the small hallway would be the display place; I took down all the other stuff and created space for the little yarn projects to be displayed. Love it.

My desk in the living room where my computer lives. Here is where
the majority of my handwork gets done. An amalgamation of craft supplies, remote controls, baby clothes, books I am reading and bottles of water.

How it begins...
My current favorite combines embroidery thread, fabric strips and roving. 

Baby Boy's first birthday comes next week.
This is the start of his little piece.
Hallway with displayed pieces. I've added spun, dyed silk to several of them.


  1. Beautiful start on Burp's present. It's the moon and star, correct?

    1. Yeppie, sir, Cita. It is the crescent moon and the sun in about as abstract as I get. Wasn't supposed to be quite so "outsider art" but I am really not that adept with a needle on woven material. Altho practice would help-guess that's what I should do: more of it - not less. Thanks so much for coming by, I know your time has been meted out very carefully recently.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much for coming by. I am inspired by your blog each time I see it. The weavings combined with the oddment-leather pants, a hairbrush... make for an interesting experience.

  3. The weavings look wonderful. I love how you used the wool roving. Your hall is starting to look like and art gallery.

    1. Thanks, my sweet KatieQ, your support has been such a blessing to me as I create this space online. The wool roving has really been fun. A freecycle find, I have really had learning experiences with it as I try to do various things with it: dye it, weave with it, spin it (haha), stuff little crocheted toys with it... Perhaps a drop spindle is in my near future.