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Saturday, October 12, 2013

October Cools Off and We Settle Into the Routine

Baby Boy shows off his Kickstarter campaign Nikola Tesla onesie.
He's nearly walking, standing unassisted and crawling SO fast it's unbelievable.
His teeth are giving him fits some days-six in with two more tops trying to push thru.

Ormond bought himself a Honda Reflex scooter to get around in style.

I crocheted in some hand-dyed (with food coloring) roving for a bit of interest in the cowl.

My weaving project is almost finished. I have used silk/bamboo for the warp and more of that with variegated silk for weft. It's looking so cool; the colors delight me over and over as I send the shuttle back and forth.


  1. Very intriguing weaving project. Looks like you're using some twisted fiber. Striking colors.

  2. The increasing every day baby! is a joy to see the children grow!
    No I've never used natural dye for wool at home .... you are very brave!
    And I'm happy with your visits and your kind comments!
    Thank you, Lynda!

  3. That Baby Boy is just so precious!...Ormond's scooter is one fancy ride! :) Your cowl is looking beautiful, soft and cozy, and Lynda your weaving is just gorgeous! Oh those colors are so delish! Have a fun fall weekend sweet girl! xo

  4. Your weaving project is wonderful. I love the colors. The little guy is really growing. Sorry his teeth are giving him fits. Pretty soon he will be out of the baby stage. Great scooter. I can't wait to see a picture of the two of you on it.

  5. It is a most beautiful weaving piece. Love the Tesla t-shirt!!

  6. Your weaving! Oh my goodness, it is so lovely! My oldest daughter is getting her first loom for her birthday in a few weeks. I hope she likes it. I'll have to show her your stuff for inspiration!

    Love the Tesla onesie. Where were these when my babies were little? My husband would LOVE one!

  7. It does seem like when they start to crawl they just take off and never stop. Mine is now full-on walking and it's practically terrifying ;-)