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Sunday, September 8, 2013

September Breaks Summer Rhythm, Brings Summer Weather

September dawns and the pace of our lives changes to a much more structured one. Start earlier, end later; include weaving classes, ripening fruit, shortening light hours, warmer days and evenings. All these re-orderings combine to remind me that winter will soon arrive.

But first we get thru Summer here in the Bay Area. September and October are actually the warmest months of our year. My favorite months actually altho I wouldn't want it to be this hot for longer than a couple weeks at a time without a break of 65 degrees for several days in between hot spells.

Wyatt grew so much over the summer that he's a new boy-crawling very rapidly, pulling up on everything, climbing whatever he can, eating real food with his incoming teeth, napping less, wanting more, gnawing on all that he handles. He loves to empty cabinets, drawers and shelves...

Clearing the Shelf Under My Desk and 
Playing with Found Shoes and Purses

Climbing Pooh Couch & Toy Drawers
Developing Coordination of the Best Kind

Ormond adds his socked appendage as a stable perch for W's left foot.

See that right foot looking for a toehold ?~!

Up the toy chest to see what's atop.

Eating Fresh Produce out of Hand is so Good for Him

Peel a washed apple fresh off the tree or a lemon cucumber from the vine in the garden out back and he'll gnaw it all day long trying to help his teeth come through the gums and satisfying his need to feed himself. He has no problem with hand to mouth coordination.

Weaving Class Begins Tuesday

I am excited to begin a new semester at Richmond Art Center with Stacy Speyer using yarn that I received in the Expression Fiber Arts monthly club August mailing. It's gorgeous and will be the Silk weft to the Silk/Bamboo warp in three colors (Black, purple, aqua).

Materials for the scarf I plan to make in semester two with Stacy.
The silk/bamboo on the warp board.
I hope your September can be a time of renewal and making plans,
creating and generating good will.

May each step we take lead the way to Peace.